Monday, January 6, 2020

Post #150 - My Newest Get

It was a very quiet holiday season for me. Work has been busy and will only continue to get crazier, my 14U travel team that I coach has been practicing twice a week, and holiday gatherings, parties, and meetings mean very little time at home. That said, it was nice to take a day or two and just be around family wasting the day away.

However, the other day, I did get a hankering for some shopping. Maybe it was for a bidding war, I don't know, but I went to eBay and did a quick search for low-numbered Buster Posey memorabilia cards. It's been a while since I picked one of those up, and even if I wanted a bidding war, I didn't get one, as my $5.00 maximum stood up for the four days to secure this beauty:

2019 Topps Triple Threads - Single Jumbo Relic #SJR-BP1
Now some of you make look at the serial number on this one and say "36? That's not a low print run!" And maybe you're right. These days, that's not too crazy - heck, this thing ended up going for $5 shipped!

But for me, this is a low serial number. I don't get the chance to grab cards of this quality very often. And I know I say that a lot; it probably sounds like I'm complaining about that fact. In reality, I don't mind. I could spend $20 and buy four cards like this, sure. But my priorities are still a little different right now. Besides, only getting one now and then makes it a lot more special in my eyes.

The back is nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, the front is quite underwhelming, with just a big plain white swatch of jersey.

But it's a Buster Posey memorabilia card. I like adding those to my collection, and this one is no exception.

I'm working through a few trades on the Trading Card Database right now, and I hope to have some Posey goods to show off soon from those as well. For now, I'll sign off and get some rest, because tomorrow is just another day of the crazy.

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  1. Good looking card. I enjoy adding a Tribute relic to my collection every now and then too.