Sunday, October 27, 2019

Post #148 - Names Can Be Deceiving

We've all heard the phrase "don't judge a book by it's cover", essentially reminding others to get to know someone before passing judgement. A great example is my recent trading partner from the Trading Card Database, wackydog, aka John. Despite his username, John is anything but wacky. Granted, I knew this from some forum threads on the Database, where he is often recognized for "Paying It Forward" with extra cards and just being an all-around great guy.

Recently, John reached out about a Topps Heritage card from 2008 that I had, and I took some time to put together a deal that allowed me to send nearly 20 cards his way in exchange for eight cards that I needed. In case anyone reading didn't know, I'd rather send out more than I bring in, as long as I get cards that I want. Let's see those eight today, shall we?

John didn't have a ton that I needed for my player collections, but I was able to snag this Shawn Green and knock if off my wantlist:

2001 Topps Opening Day #8

I used to use captions like that one a lot. I want to get back to doing that.

The other player collection card is an odd one:

2016 Topps NNO "Topps Bunt Promo"
Buster Posey makes a little cameo off to the right side. Good enough for me to include in my Posey collection, even if he isn't front and center.

The rest of the cards, I tried to fill in some Reds that I knew I didn't have. Luckily, poaching John's tradelist wasn't difficult at all in that respect.

2013 Topps - Silver Slate Blue Sparkle Wrapper Redemption #161
I know next to nothing about this card except that it's another one of the gazillion 2013 Topps parallels, and is apparently some sort of wrapper redemption. Love the look of Arroyo in the throwback uniform - and it's possibly my favorite card of the bunch.

2018 Bowman #96
I'm quite sure I've mentioned many times how difficult coming across Bowman is around me. Meijer doesn't seem to carry it, only Platinum (overpriced). So even a simple base card like this is a necessity for me, and I'll grab one any chance I can.

2019 Topps "150th Anniversary" #558
I think I bought one blaster of flagship this year, and maybe two blister packs. It's the same reason I haven't been here as much - a lot of my collecting focus has shifted to organizing my collection into a somewhat workable system, so that I can start trading in bulk and offload some unused inventory. As such, I'm still searching for a majority of the Reds cards from this year, plus the related parallels.

1991 Classic Best #41
I'm a sucker for anything Minor League baseball, and that goes doubly so for any Reds minor league cards. One of these days when I get my binders in order, Reds Minor League cards will have their own separate one, so they can be appreciated in all of their glory. Until then, however, this Sanders sits in a box with his Big League brethren.

1991 Topps Archives 1953 #28
 I love this set, as it's chock full of history, so when I saw that John had a couple of Reds on his tradelist, I added them to the transaction hoping he'd be willing to part with them, and he was. Eddie Pellagrini isn't a household name in the major league realm, but after completing his playing career, Eddie became the head coach at Boston College in 1958 - a position he held until 1990! He missed on season due to illness (1969), but still; 31 years at a D1 baseball program is absolutely incredible.

1991 Topps Archives 1953 #95
 Here's the second one. Again, not a household name, I can't imagine (I wasn't familiar with Mr. Marshall until I Googled him while writing this), but he had a solid career of 11 seasons, making three All-Star games and slugging 130 home runs.

Thanks, John, for this awesome and quick trade. Hopefully the cards I sent you get you a little closer to finishing off some Topps Heritage and Phillies team sets. If you're on the TCDB and looking for a trading partner, I'm willing to bet wackydog has some cards you can use, so get ahold of him!

I'm off to go work a fundraiser for our American Legion baseball team - a Sunday spent running a poker game so we can continue to offer our kids free baseball, and even a scholarship at the end of the year. A labor of love, for certain. Everyone enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and as always, thanks for reading!