Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Post #144 - Surprise!

Sometime a week ago or so, I apparently placed a COMC order for myself after payday. I remember doing this. I remember picking out several Matt Mantei cards that I needed, and placing the order.  Then, I promptly forgot about it.

A few days ago, I got an email letting me know my order had shipped, and a light bulb went off! I had cards coming my way! Cards I needed and wanted! Awesome!

Then I forgot. Again.

When I walked in the door the other day, a little later than usual because I finally got to the post office and mailed some packages off, there was a bubble mailer sitting there for me. I had cards! Cards I needed and wanted! Awesome!

And as I opened it, I realized I had no idea what was inside. I vaguely remembered a seriel numbered Mantei. But the rest have been a surprise, and a pleasant one at that. Let's see, shall we?

The last 1996 Matt Mantei card I needed. I now have all three from that year. Yeah, that's a tiny, insignificant milestone, but it does feel good to cross an entire year off of the list!

The '90s were weird, man. You would think a relief pitcher's only cardboard appearance in a year would be buried in the 600s of that year's Upper Deck set. But nope, Matt's sole 1997 card is this Pacific Prism "Gems of the Diamond" insert. Wild. Wacky. Mine.

Thanks to parallels, I've been trying to track down four total 1999 Fleer Tradition cards. I already had the base, and now the Warning Track parallel gets me another step closer. Still need the "Starting 9" and "Millennium" parallels, with the latter only have 5000 copies produced.
I actually have a decent chunk of the 1999 Upper Deck Victory set, so I'm surprised it took me so long to add this one to the hoard.

I already had the Glossy version of the 2000 Fleer Tradition card, and now I have the base. Like it's Glossy counterpart, this one seems to have some serious curling going on, hence the dark left edge of the scan. Hopefully some time in a binder will flatten it out gently.

Pacific Paramount parallels! The Copper (top) and Green (bottom) now give me four total cards from that rainbow, as they fit nicely along with the base and the Ruby.

Still a fan of Chrome. Doubt that will change. Blurry scan though - I don't think the new scanner bed liked this Chrome very much.
Quite possibly my favorite from the entire package - 2001 Keebler Arizona Diamondbacks! I don't know if these were a food item or a stadium giveaway or what; I just know I'm stoked to add this to my collection!
This 2001 Topps Home Team Advantage parallel leaves me just the Gold parallel away from having all five versions of the 2001 Topps cards (base, Employee Edition, Gold, HTA, and Limited).
A 2002 Fleer - Tiffany parallel that's numbered out of 200. I like the back better than the front here...
...because he was an All-Stater at my high school! To a lot of people, something like this isn't a big deal, but see your high school on the back of a baseball card is pretty cool when your town is 1800 strong (heck, I graduated with a class of 40).

The surface wear and scratches on this 2003 Topps Chrome are likely why it was marked down so cheap. I'll probably upgrade this one someday, but for now I'm happy to have it stashed in my binder.

Insert joke here about not being able to afford 2019 Topps Total so I bought 2003 Topps Total instead.
I was able to add the base version of the Upper Deck 40-Man set from that year too. I miss massive sets like these.
As a side note, I always like the Diamondbacks copper/purple/teal/black color scheme the best out of all of them. It just reminds me of being a little kid, and the whole "rattlesnake" concept was really cool to a little guy growing up in Michigan.
2004 Topps Chrome that scanned a little crooked. I actually have quite the run of Topps and Chrome cards from 2004 and I'm hoping to nail down that rainbow soon.
And we wrap up the Mantei portion of the package with the 2004 Upper Deck base card, on which the foil did not scan well.

Now, you'll note that I said the Mantei portion, because I forgot that I threw one other card on my order:

I'm still one Ralf Mojsiejenko card away from completing his run, so I habitually check COMC for 1990 Pro Set FACT cards. While doing so, I stumbled across this buyback from the 2019 Score set, and I couldn't hit "Add to Card" quick enough. I don't seek these out intentionally, but when one falls into your lap like this, I'll take it!

Well that wraps up this first post in a long time. I'll see if I can't get another one up soon (baseball season is winding down, so I should have some downtime). In the meantime, thanks for reading, and have a great evening!



  1. That Mojsiejenko is sweet! Great action... and one of the best football designs ever. 89 Score (and Score Supplemental) was such an iconic set.

  2. Fuji - one of my favorites. I had no idea about the buybacks in this year's score so it was a pleasant surprise.

    Jon - still here! Coaching two baseball teams since May has taken much of my free time, but things are starting to slow down a little now!

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