Thursday, June 20, 2019

Post #143 - Hoodwinked or Pleased?

The sporadic posts (can they even be considered sporadic at this point?) continue, as we re-visit an eBay purchase from a few months back.

I think at this point all readers are familiar with my Shawn Green collection. As I continue to try and grow it, I find myself searching for new and unique collectibles on top of my card search. I have several items on my Amazon wishlist that fit the "collectible-but-not-a-trading-card" category.

One of my saved eBay searches is "Shawn Green Printing Plate". I never want to miss an opportunity to bid on one if it were to come up, and until recently one never had.

Then I got the notification.

I'll spare the dramatics and just come right out and say that there was a 2001 Pacific Back Printing Plate available. I let it sit for a period of time, while I did some research, and quite frankly I don't think it's legitimate.

Here, take a look:

Very thin metal. The scan is slightly crooked, the "plate" is not. And there's just too much color for me to comfortably call this legitimate. Throw in the fact that everything I've read online indicates that Pacific never issued 2001 Printing Plates in packs, and I'm quite sure this isn't real.

That being said, I bought it using a bit of reserve cash and a nice coupon, so the price out of pocket is what I would consider fair for a very unique Shawn Green item for my collection. This "plate" will find a niche in the appropriate binder along with other Shawn Green mis-cuts and oddball items.

The seller also threw in two bonus cards as well, something I suspect was done because they knew this plate wasn't legitimate.

These are both from the 2004 Upper Deck National Trading Card Day multi-sport set. The Griffey is a beautiful add to my Reds collection, but the Sosa would be available if anyone wanted to claim it. Otherwise, I'll file it away until I finally get organized and really open up trading - by the end of 2019, if I'm lucky!

Ultimately, authentic plate or not, I'm pleased with the outcome of this purchase, and it's always nice to add a unique piece to my personal collection. If you've stuck around this long, thanks for reading - with a little luck, I'll get caught up on the two packages from Remember the Astrodome I still need to blog about soon...

Until next time, take care!



  1. Seems like a weird thing for someone to counterfeit. I think it's legit, but probably "backdoored", meaning it wasn't packed out with the other cards from that product. A lot of Pacific plates have made their way onto the secondary market, likely via someone who worked there or bought them direct in bulk when the company went out of business or something like that.

    1. Backdoored was my other thought for a possibility, especially because I've heard of lots of Pacific (and later Fleer) stuff hitting the market that way. I don't know enough about what early plates would have looked like to make that decision, but if that's the case, I'm even more pleased than before!

  2. Jason, I'm sorry to say but that plate is fake. A real black plate would not have white lettering on it. The white lettering would be the color of the plate itself. Take a look at this one:

    1. Billy, thanks for providing a visual to exactly what I meant by "too much color". That was probably my biggest red flag concerning the legitimacy of this "plate", and it's also why I won't consider it a part of my Shawn Green card collection, but rather part of my unique collectible collection.

    2. Good catch by Billy! I didn't even notice the white ink thing. But again, seems like an odd item to make a fake of. If it was Jeter or somebody, sure, but making a fake Shawn Green 2001 Pacific printing plate that might sell for a few bucks.. seems like an weird thing to do.

  3. Legit or not, it's a unique collectible for your Green collection.