Saturday, May 19, 2018

Post #102 - Autograph Appreciation: Chris Henderson

It's been a little while since I did an Autograph Appreciation post, so why not throw up another soccer autograph? You can view the first part of the soccer portion of Autograph Appreciation here. Today is part two of five of the soccer portion:

Chris Henderson signed this 1994 Upper Deck World Cup card for me well before I ever kept records of successes and failures. I used to have a ton of these from multiple countries, but as I was never a huge soccer fan, most names I didn't recognize. Chris also answered a handful of questions for me with this request, but unfortunately that sheet of paper has been lost to the march of time and is no longer in my possession. Oh well; let's take a dive into the life of Chris Henderson, shall we?

Born December 11, 1970 (hey, one day after me! Albeit 24 years earlier) in Edmonds, Washington, Henderson would attend Cascade High School in Everett, Washington. He played one single season of soccer for the Seattle Storm of the Western Soccer League before enrolling at UCLA. In his two years at UCLA, he helped lead the Bruins to a national championship in his sophomore season. He was inducted into the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame in 2016.

After graduation, Henderson spent two seasons overseas (playing for the German team FSV Frankfurt and the Norwegian club Stabæk) before returning to the MLS as a member of the Colorado Rapids. He would go from rookie upstart to team MVP, appearing in 87 matches and scoring 12 goals for the Rapids from 1996-1998. His professional career continued with the Kansas City Wizards from 1999-2000, scoring 12 goals in only 67 appearances.

The 1990s were kind to Henderson when it came to the U.S. National Team as well. While in college, Henderson made his first National Team appearance, and was a member of the 1990 World Cup team (although he did not appear in a game), the 1992 Summer Olympics team, the 1994 World Cup team (again without an appearance), and the 1998 World Cup qualifying roster (although he did not make the final Cup roster). 

After a single season playing for the Miami Fusion (2001), before being picked back up by the Rapids at the end of the season (the final season for the Fusion). His time with Colorado ended in 2005, but not before he became the Rapids all-time leader in games played (178), assists (53), and points (120). He also wrapped up his U.S. National Team career in this time period, seeing his last action in 2001. Henderson only scored three goals for the USMNT over his 79 appearances.

In May of 2005, Henderson was traded to the Columbus Crew (two goals in 21 appearances), before being traded to the Metro Stars (they became the New York Red Bulls soon after) at the end of the season. While only scoring three goals in his final season, Henderson made 32 appearances, which officially made him the MLS all-time leader in appearances (a record he no longer holds). On December 22, 2006, Chris Henderson announced his retirement as a professional soccer player.

Henderson would spend the 2007 MLS season as an assistant coach with the Kansas City Wizards before being hired by the Seattle Sounders as a technical director. Still with the Sounders, Henderson now holds the title of VP of Soccer and Sporting Director. Chris lives in Washington and is married with four children.

That wraps up this look at Chris Henderson, former major league soccer star and U.S. National Team Member. I've stated many times, but I really enjoy posts like these as it allows me to do some research and hone my writing skills. Hopefully everyone else found this somewhat enjoyable as well. Thanks for reading!

P.S. The Daily Dimwit is back to blogging and is holding an awesome giveaway. Details here.


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Post #101 - My COMC Spring Cleaning Haul

If the name of my blog is to be believed, if you are to suppose me as a true hoarder of trading cards, then yes, my participation in the COMC Spring Cleaning event makes sense. After all, I should be depleting the hoard, should I not?

Nope. I participated from the other side, the buying side. I didn't even mean to, honestly. But an eBay search led me to this card:

eBay told me that COMC's price on this puppy was around $3.00. Plus $3.99 shipping. "Well, that's not very efficient hoarding," I chuckled as I closed my browser tab and opening another. "We can do better than that."

And we could. Not only was this card marked way down because of the sale, but I was able to add plenty more marked down for a flat shipping rate of $3.99.

I've been wanting this 1992 Upper Deck Minors card of Shawn Green for a while now. I love minor league baseball, and you're telling me there are entire sets dedicated to it? Yeah, I need to get on those. Here's the back, too, which I really like:

I also added the 1992 Topps Micro parallel of Shawn Green:

It's a spitting image of his 1992 Topps base card, except, well, it's micro. How small is micro?

Yeah. Tiny. Easy to lose, so it's staying in a penny sleeve for now.

The final nine cards of my order attacked another PC; Matt Mantei.

This 1996 Fleer Update card is the Tiffany parallel (yeah, I still need the base; that will be a recurring theme with the rest of this post).

Take this 2000 Fleer Tradition for example. I don't have the base, still, because this is the glossy version.

See? The back even tells you!

Now, this 2000 Metal is a base card...

...but I was also happy to add the Emerald parallel!

This 2000 Topps Limited Edition (it says it above the name on the front) actually gives me 3/4 of the "rainbow" from 2000 Topps; I'm only missing the "MVP Promotion" parallel.

Well, I sound silly now because this next Topps Limited Edition is a card that I also already have the base of:

Again, "Limited Edition" is hard to read but is found in tiny gold print just above the name.

In a similar vein...

...this Topps Chrome card from the same year is a very welcome addition to the collection, and yet another in a long line of cards that a scanner doesn't do justice to.

And we wrap up the haul with this 2004 Topps First Edition parallel...

...and this 2004 Topps Heritage base card:

All said and done, this bubble mailer from COMC cost me less than $12. Under $1 a card is a pretty good deal for me. I didn't pick up any set needs, but as I've said many times, I'd much rather trade my fellow collectors for those.

How'd you do on your Spring Cleaning order? Did you even place one? I'd like to hear about it in the comments! As always, thanks for reading and have a great day!


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Post #100 - Celebrating but Moving Forward

Hey, this is my 100th post of quality content. Well, quality is subjective and up to all you readers to decide, but it's actually 101 if you count the two-part in one day announcement of my name change from a while back.

The century mark makes this post that much more fun, as I've got a great pick up to show off today. I was going to throw it in with my COMC Spring Cleaning order, but I think they both warrant their own post.

You see, I got into my first bidding war on eBay recently. And I lost.

Here's what happened; driving back to Michigan (actually I wasn't driving, but yeah) I got an eBay notification from a saved search. I don't have many saved searches, but a search for a 1989 Panini Stickers UK Ralf Mojsiejenko sticker was one of the few. Obviously, if it's a saved search of mine, this isn't a common card to come flying at you from 30 different directions, so I was understandably excited.

The seller had a list of stickers from this set to choose from, and luckily my choice was one of them. The price? $4.99 and $2.99 shipping.

Ouch. That's more than what I wanted to pay (yes, I'm extremely cheap sometimes), but as I thought about it more, it dawned on me that I had never seen another one for sale, so not only did I not have a benchmark to go against, I needed to pull the trigger for less than $5. I immediately set that on the agenda for the next day.

Except the next day I got another saved search notification. Dan LeFevour Printing Plate autographed from Sage. Opening bid? $0.99. Yeah, that took priority.

My initial bid of $6.00 lasted until there were two days left. Once that was passed, I took one last shot at $15.00. I wasn't going over $15, and if you'll take a look at the picture below (and remember my opening line), you can see how that worked out for me:

I stepped away when my $15.00 bid was automatically trumped. I don't even know what the plate ended up going for. But once that bounced, I went ahead and staked my claim to this Mojsiejenko sticker to bring my collection total to 24/26 cards (92.3%).

Here's a look at the back, for funsies:

As you might imagine, this is the only difference between the 1989 Panini Stickers and the UK version (the back, that is).

Ultimately, I'm thrilled to add a card (sticker) that was eluding me for over a year, especially one that I wasn't sure if I'd ever see up for sale. However, knowing there's at least one Dan LeFevour printing plate out there I'll probably never get my hands on is a little sobering. I suppose the idea of super-collecting any modern player is almost ridiculously crazy, but I always had that tiny shred of hope that over my lifetime I might be able to pull it off.

Perhaps I still can; time will tell. Until then, I'll keep on chipping away at my 1980s/1990s/early 2000s player collections.

Well that wraps up post #100. If you've been there for all 100, the last 30, or even just this one, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening to my ramblings 100 times. Have a great rest of your day!


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Post #99 - A Brief Trade

Going to be a quick post here today, as there hasn't been a lot of incoming cardboard for the Hoard lately. That's due to a combination of factors, such as work, funds, and of course with the weather finally getting nice around here I'm getting outside and golfing or walking as much as I possibly can!

I recently pulled off a trade with TCDB user mfeik. A fellow Michigander, Marc had two 1988 Fleer inserts that I needed, and luckily, with the little bit of a tradelist I have uploaded as of now, I was able to dig out a 2013 Topps insert of Ty Cobb that he was looking for.

These mark my first two of the six "Headliners" inserts in the set. I'm now down to a total of 31 cards remaining (all of the base set is taken care of). I'd love to trade for them; in fact, I'd so much prefer trading that when I placed my COMC spring cleaning order recently I didn't even chase any of my set builds. I'd much rather send you some good stuff for your "junk wax" so reach out!

In addition, Marc also threw in a bonus card that was a surprise:

Johnny Bench? Yes please!

Marc, thanks for a quick and flawless trade. Is there anything better than a PWE containing a few cards that you need?

I've got another big pick up coming in the mail this week, as well as that COMC order I mentioned above, so keep an eye out for those posts too. Other than that, everyone have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!