Saturday, December 29, 2018

Post #134 - Baseball at Christmas

It's no secret that I mainly collect baseball cards. I dabble with a few football player collections; I'll take any basketball or hockey autographs I can get my hands on; and I do enjoy building a NASCAR collection that Billy from Cardboard History kicked off for me nicely in February of this year.

But in my heart, deep down, my collecting interests lie with baseball.

That's why, every year on Christmas morning, my dad gifts me with an assortment of packs to open.

1988 Fleer. 1991 Fleer. 1991 Donruss. 1988 Donruss. 1992 Leaf. The usual stuff that is sometimes called "junk wax". And I love it.

No, my dad isn't just some fumbling goof who knows his kid collects baseball cards, and sees these assortments on Amazon and thinks puts two and two together. My dad has probably forgotten more about collecting cards than I'll ever know. He's aware of the value, of the contents, and of the overproduction. It doesn't matter. What matters is sitting around Christmas morning ripping wax. That's a tradition that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Of course, I make sure and return the favor - this year I got him a blaster of 2018 Donruss football. But he surprised me by one-upping me with a blaster of 2018 Donruss baseball in addition to the loose packs.

Ultimately, only two cards fell out that I really "needed". Again, I'm not complaining, because I rarely get to open blasters.

This 1983 1984 (thanks Fuji) Donruss throwback base card variation thing of Joey Votto is a card that I'm pretty sure already resides in my Votto PC (man, I should get that organized...after I organize my Posey PC...ugh) but that means it's lacking in the Reds collection, so it should slide in there nicely.

Just checked - and it does.

The other nice thing about this blaster is the inclusion of a separate pack with eight inserts - four holofoil sparkling things and four holo-blue base cards. I think you all know who I was hoping would fall out of there.

And it did! A nice new addition to my Posey PC. I even kind of like this shot, since it nicely covers up the lack of logos (I don't mind using the city on the front; in fact, I wish more sets utilized that).

So that was my Christmas morning haul for my personal collection. Of course, a few Reds fell out of the late 80s/early 90s packs, and I still have some sorting to do with the 2018 Donruss, but I'm pretty happy adding these two cards.

12 Days of Giving

Three packages should be arriving today. I've got another one already sealed and I'll be spending my morning/early afternoon getting a few more together and ready to be mailed Monday. It's taking me a little longer, but it's been really nice for me to be able to throw a few extras into everyone's package, so I promise your patience will pay off! All I ask is that when your package does arrive, please let me know so I can mark you off the list. Thanks!

Thanks for reading, and if you're tuning into football today...




  1. I just commented on another blog about how I wish my parents would buy me cards for Christmas instead of giving me money. The fact that you and your father sit around on Christmas morning busting packs is awesome!

    P.S. That's the 1984 Donruss design :)

    1. Oops - I think I knew that :)

      Cash is always a nice bonus, as I was able to find some great deals on Steel City Collectibles for hobby boxes this morning. I'm looking forward to adding that to the "Christmas haul" after the New Year!

  2. Amazing tradition, thanks for sharing