Thursday, August 30, 2018

Post #114 - How to Say Thanks

The last month or so, I've been trying to get a bubble mailer sent out every Friday to different bloggers. Last week was Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown; the week before that was Night Owl Cards. While Marc at Remember the Astrodome wasn't near the top of the list at the time, he was on there; after all, few have wantlists easier to comb through than he does.

Plus, I just dumped a flat rate envelope on him a few weeks back, and my Astros hoard is somewhat depleted because of it (not that I'm complaining; it's a good thing!). However, after going to my mailbox Wednesday afternoon, Bru is going to have to be bumped up the list a little bit, because the odd-shaped bubble mailer I found was just unbelievable.

I should add that I knew this mailer was coming; Marc had left a comment on a previous post about obtaining my address so he could throw some PC stuff my way. But still...let's start with the Reds. And for fun, let's see a running count of how many new cards to my Reds collection we find here.

We start with a trio of early score. I've said it before and I'll keep saying, but I love seeing Dave Parker in red (and gray/white). Of these three, only the Parker is a dupe, but because I like it so much, I'm not complaining. New cards: 2

Sticking with Score, only the John Franco in the upper left is from the 1990 base set; the rest are from the Traded. How many are new? All five! And as a kicker, the four Traded cards are the only four from the set, so that "team set" is done! New cards: 7

1987 Topps, anyone? We might all be sick of this design by now, but any card with Pete Rose on it is a winner in my book. And at this point, I suspect Marc may have looked at my Reds collection on the TCDB, because all four of these are new as well. New cards: 11

A smattering of a few more junk wax sets here (as always, "junk wax" used subjectively). Man that 1991 Fleer is loud (I can't wait to build that set someday). Regarding new cards, Bru continues his hot streak, as only the Browning is a duplicate! New cards: 16

What at first seems to be three 1990 Topps cards is actually three different sets. The Leary is from the base set, the Layana from the Traded set, and the Morris is from the Traded light back set (it appears). I'd say all three of these have a good chance at being new, and they are! New cards: 19.

Unfortunately, we have our first 0-for, as all three of these Reds cards already reside in the collection. That includes the Joey Votto, which is rare; usually he's just in the PC and not the Reds collection. Alas, we move on. New cards: 19.

I know we have some new ones here, because I've opened 0 A&G, one pack of Stadium Club, and one fat pack of Big League, and none of these cards arrived. The only one I wasn't sure on was the Mella Series 2, but that's a need too. Bru is back on track! New cards: 25

How about three more new ones as well? The Morgan is a "Cards Your Mom Threw Out" insert from 2010 Topps and is the one duplicate (albeit a great one), while the Perez is from 2013 Archives. New cards: 28

These 2016 Topps Stickers were hard to scan with the white borders, and the logo actually is attached to another logo sticker as well (Cleveland). But these three are new as well, so Total new cards: 31.

I kept a running total of new Reds cards because Bru mentioned in his note that he hoped I could find some use for them. No worries Marc - as you can see, the overwhelming majority fit nicely in the Reds collection, and I'm even happy to add the duplicates as well!

Now, let's move on to some PC stuff, shall we?

Marc took care of some of my 2018 Posey needs; it's especially nice to land the Chrome, and although I have the Player's Weekend Big League card and the regular 1983 insert, I didn't have the two pictured here. Plus the Archives coin is a nice piece of metal!

Now, everything you've seen here so far would be tough enough to top on it's own. But these next few images will explain what I mean in my title about saying thanks. Because a thank you to Marc will probably never be enough.

Sure, this 1992 Upper Deck Shawn Green rookie is already in my collection. But not graded. Not graded an SGC 96. Holy cow. Bru insists he doesn't know where this came from, but I'm sure glad it's mine. What an awesome addition to my PC.

Not nearly as awesome as these, though:

Say, how do I look on the 1970 Topps design? I had an inkling this might be coming; after all, he found me on Twitter to ask if this picture on Flickr was me, and after I confirmed, I put two and two together and knew he was up to something. I didn't know it was this, though!

Nor this:

Bam! 1959 Topps, how do ya like it? It's every kid's dream to be on a baseball card someday, and thanks to Marc's awesome skills, now I can say I'm on not one, not two...

...but three! I think this might be my favorite of the three, as I love the '88 Topps design and I'm a sucker for this photo. Ultimately, my dad may end up with one of these three (this last one is off-limits to him, I already decided that), but all of them will be a treasured part of my collection for the rest of my life.

Marc, I can't say thank you enough, and it won't do it justice anyway. This was a very thoughtful, fun, and downright awesome package. I'll round up a few Astros and some PC stuff for ya and send it your way here in a few days!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed flipping through this page as much as I enjoyed shuffling through the cardboard that arrived. Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!



  1. You are most welcome! And don't worry about feeling obligated to send something back. I just wanted to send a little something your way. When I stumbled across the Green I knew it would be perfect for your collection. I forget what exactly inspired my sleuthing, but once I found the photos of you playing, I knew I was going to make some customs. Enjoy!

  2. I love that 88T custom! AWESOME!