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Post #84 - I Love Nachos

No, seriously. You guys (and gals) ever go to a little bar to have some drinks with friends, and someone gets hungry, and before you know it, a heaping plate of nachos is headed your way? Piled high with ground beef, melted cheese, black olives, pico de gallo, and all the other toppings...minus jalapenos. But I digress. The point of this is that I got to enjoy a whole box of Nachos this season...sort of.

Chris over at Nachos Grande did his own Season of Giving this year, although much more elaborate and generous than mine. Chris took a team, stuffed a priority mail box full of cards from that said team, and sent it to you. All you had to do was request a team! I missed the first go-round, but when he did a second call and I saw the Reds were still available, you can bet that I put in my nacho order ASAP! (Okay, now I've taken the nacho thing to a weird level. I'll stop that).

I'm starting this at 11:30 AM CST, on 1/19/18. Let's see how long it takes me to get through this box. Seriously. That's how full it was. However, I'll also be logging this into the TCDB as well, so that will add some time. I'm not going to scan every card. Instead, I'll hit some highlights as we go along. Trust me, there's plenty.


Chris sent along most of the 1981 Fleer team set, as well as a good chunk of 1984 and 1985 Topps towards those team set builds. But here are some of my favorite little oddballs from the 1980s:

My first TCMA card, and it's of Billy Martin, one of the most interesting figures in baseball in my opinion. Excited about this one!

Shame on me for missing that this one was O-Pee-Chee the first time I went through it. And it's Dave Concepcion to boot; score!

1985 Eric Davis Topps rookie! Along with a few friends from that set, this card moved me to just two away from completing the 85T team set.

This 1987 Topps Boardwalks and Baseball card is suh-weeet. First of it's kind to enter my collection as well.

This really cool Eric Davis pop-up/stand-up card was in there as well, but I can't find any information on the Database about it. Hopefully I can turn up some info, because I'd like to know more about the card! It's a 1988 Donruss All-Star Pop Up. Amazing what you can overlook!


The 1990's in this box showed much less of a representation than one might think, but the amazing thing is that I think they were all needs. Below are a couple highlights from the 1990s:

I love food oddballs. I really love cereal cards. And I really, really love Barry Larkin cereal oddballs, even if they're unlicensed.

This Fleer - Sports Illustrated "Covers" insert of Neon Deion is pretty cool. Definitely got a unique feeling in hand, and I really like the concept of it.

1999 Pacific Revolution is a set that was previously un-represented in my collection, Reds or otherwise. No longer, thanks to Mike Cameron here. I like shiny in the 1990s. It screams "wacky 90s!" Now it's just an excuse for another Aaron Judge parallel. But I digress.

Not shown in the 90's section is the complete base team set from 1999 UD Choice...all three cards. Yay, completed team set! Boo, now for the inserts and parallels...


My favorite thing about the 2000s and this box? Young Joey Votto cards! For those wondering, I'm a PC guy first. That means any Votto cards that I don't already have are going into the Votto collection first. Duplicates can go into the Reds collection.

Also not shown here, Chris is working on the 2000 Fleer Tradition set, which is good for me, as he dumped most of the team set on me. I'm only five cards short, I believe.

This 2002 Fleer Maximum Larkin jumped out at me right away. I don't know if the entire set was done in red borders, or if each team had their own colored border, but this works for Cincinnati!

Always liked the 2005 Upper Deck Classics set, but never saw much of it, so I'm happy to add one to my collection now.

I remember this Ring of Honor insert from football sets, but wasn't aware there was a baseball one until now. This is from 2009, and Bench is the only Reds player in the insert set.

Alright, show of hands. Who out there knew that Christy Mathewson actually played for the Reds? To be honest, I had forgotten. But he actually made his last MLB start (and got his last win) as a player-manager for the Reds in 1916.


I'm only showing off one card from this decade, but it's a doozy. My "hit" in the box was this 2015 A&G relic of Brandon Phillips. My first Reds relic (of course, I haven't been chasing them long) and it's a damn fine piece of cardboard if I do say so myself.

Before we wrap this up, let's see the cards that were in the box that are going to make their way into my PC binder (i.e., Joey Votto and Reds team cards)

Three new team cards for the binder slide in quite nicely, as it's been a while since I could add to that page. Meanwhile, my Votto collection...

...picks up eight (count 'em, eight!) new cards. Awesome to add some more there, and I'll have to get an updated count up soon!

With that, I've reached the end of my rambling...28 hours later. It took me long enough to get this up, but Chris, I can't thank you enough for your generosity and sending this box. Not only did you just send me one, but you sent 29 or so more to other team collectors. Just another reason the people in this hobby are the best. Give Nachos Grande a follow; you won't regret it!

Finally, with just 11 days left in the month, I'm making one of my last calls for JD Pierce and William Carter to get ahold of me with their contact info. Their blogger profiles yield nothing, and if I don't hear from them by February, the cards that they won are going back into the FS/T box until someone else takes them.

Sorry for the long, rambling post, but I hope you enjoyed seeing the goodies Chris packed in the box. As always, thanks for reading.


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  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards! It was a lot of work (and a lot of fun) putting together the various flat rate boxes, I tried my best to avoid duplicates...not easy for some teams like the Reds where I seem to have tons and tons of certain cards.