Saturday, January 13, 2018

Post #81 - First SportsLots Order

Okay, my sabbatical from blogging is over. I took a long break after the Season of Giving (although I'm still getting envelopes out; almost done) except for one post, but with this SportsLots order, Nachos Grande's own Season of Giving package showing up, Gavin's return package arriving today, and a box from Billy Kingsley that I still owe, it's time to get back into it!

I hit a snag coming back from vacation, as our landlord called to tell us that a pipe had burst below our duplex and our apartment flooded. Luckily I only lost one card (a Mantei), but we did need to get new carpet. That being said, things were very jumbled around for a few days, and I was certainly scatterbrained.

So let's get started. Before I left for vacation around Christmas, I placed a small SportsLot order for six cards. Three Jeff Peterek cards that would finish off that PC, and three Ralf Mojsiejenko cards that would inch me to the "almost-done" range. Let's see what was in the two envelopes waiting for me, shall we?

I've actually only received five of the cards as of now, but have filed an issue with the other seller to hopefully resolve a situation. Also, excuse the quality of photographs here. I didn't get the scanner up and running until last night, but already had the photos taken.

Here are the two Mojsiejenko cards that I received so far. The top one is a 1988 Topps Sticker featuring Mike Lansford, and the bottom one is the 1989 Panini Sticker. I'm still hoping to get the 1986 Topps Sticker that I ordered.

This means that I'm only missing the 1989 Panini UK Sticker, 1990 Pro Set FACT Cincinnati, and the 1987 Topps Stickers (as well as the 1986 that I ordered).

Ralf Mojsiejenko Card Count: 19/23 (84.6%)

The other half of the order was supposed to finish the Peterek collection.  As you can guess by my tone, it didn't. I'll show why.

1990 ProCards AAA #648. Easy pickup here. Needed it, got it.

1990 ProCards #623. Another easy one. Needed it, got it, plus the extra Chuck McGrath card. Not sure if this was included accidentally or as a bonus, but I'm trying to track down McGrath to get this signed for the hell of it. Last I know he was a football coach at Dartmouth but doesn't appear to be there any longer.

Finally, picked up this card. There are two cards that have this same front; the 1990 CMC #26 with a yellow back, and the 1990 CMC Denver Zephyrs #1 with a green back. I need the green back. At this point, I'm sure you can guess what I got.

Yup; another yellow back. This makes about 73 in my collection. Okay, not that many. But I really don't need any more. I've got a question to another seller on SportLots asking if they have the green back, so hopefully I can sort this out.

Jeff Peterek Card Count: 15/16 (93.8%)

So close to finishing it! Hopefully by the end of the month.

So that's how my first SportsLot order finished up. Hopefully the other card I'm missing shows up, but otherwise I'll call it good for now.

Stay warm and safe out there, and as always, thanks for reading!



  1. Variants can be frustrating at Sportlots. That and checklists. Not all variants are listed on Sportlots. A lot of that is how the checklists are set up for the seller's inventory. If the inventory lists don't make a distinction about a card have 2 or more variants the sellers have no idea that there are any.

    1. That makes sense. I get confused myself sometimes, so I certainly can't blame anyone else.

  2. That 88T sticker is really cool. I don't really remember Mojsiejenko, but I just watched a really cool NFL Films video on shoeless kickers and Lansford was featured.

    1. As I was initially typing this post out, I called him "Carney Lansford" before realizing that I had the completely wrong sport.