Monday, January 15, 2018

Post #82 - Gavin Breaks It Down

Okay, I'm pretty sure that title has been used before, so forgive me, whoever already used it. But that's not the point of this post. The point, dear readers, is to show off the envelope that arrived for me from Portland on Saturday. I had gone home to my parents for the weekend, and arrived just about the same time.

A little while back I fired off a small bubble mailer with some PC cards for Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown, and he was so kind as to hit me back with a few Shawn Green cards for my PC. Let's take a look at the contents, shall we?

Woof! Gavin outdid himself here. A couple dupes but that's alright. I don't hardly have any extra cards left from my Shawn Green PC, so now I can take one or two and try a TTM request if I can find an address. Note that the left-most horizontal cards look the same, but the bottom one is actually the Electric Diamond parallel. 

Perhaps the coolest card in the bunch, however, was a different player that I collect:

This Derek Jeter custom was drummed up by Gavin and generously included in my package. I assume it's a custom, due to the 2017 BCB tagline on the back. What a piece of art! Thanks for the unique card Gavin; this definitely holds down a spot in my Jeter collection and is just awesome!

If you aren't reading his blog, I highly recommend that you do. He just posted some awesome trade bait from his latest card show and his collection, so get over there and check it out! He also just started a new Twitter feed focusing on the San Diego Padres, so give him a follow @PadresBreakdown.

A quick PSA: if anyone knows how to get ahold of William Carter or JD Pierce, I still need their contact info for my Season of Giving (yeah, yeah, I'm waaaaay behind, but almost there). I'm finishing that up this week, and setting a deadline of February 1 for them to reach out. Otherwise the two cards will be going back into the tradebox and probably wind up in next year's Season of Giving!

Stay warm, safe, and careful out there, and as always, thanks for reading!


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Post #81 - First SportsLots Order

Okay, my sabbatical from blogging is over. I took a long break after the Season of Giving (although I'm still getting envelopes out; almost done) except for one post, but with this SportsLots order, Nachos Grande's own Season of Giving package showing up, Gavin's return package arriving today, and a box from Billy Kingsley that I still owe, it's time to get back into it!

I hit a snag coming back from vacation, as our landlord called to tell us that a pipe had burst below our duplex and our apartment flooded. Luckily I only lost one card (a Mantei), but we did need to get new carpet. That being said, things were very jumbled around for a few days, and I was certainly scatterbrained.

So let's get started. Before I left for vacation around Christmas, I placed a small SportsLot order for six cards. Three Jeff Peterek cards that would finish off that PC, and three Ralf Mojsiejenko cards that would inch me to the "almost-done" range. Let's see what was in the two envelopes waiting for me, shall we?

I've actually only received five of the cards as of now, but have filed an issue with the other seller to hopefully resolve a situation. Also, excuse the quality of photographs here. I didn't get the scanner up and running until last night, but already had the photos taken.

Here are the two Mojsiejenko cards that I received so far. The top one is a 1988 Topps Sticker featuring Mike Lansford, and the bottom one is the 1989 Panini Sticker. I'm still hoping to get the 1986 Topps Sticker that I ordered.

This means that I'm only missing the 1989 Panini UK Sticker, 1990 Pro Set FACT Cincinnati, and the 1987 Topps Stickers (as well as the 1986 that I ordered).

Ralf Mojsiejenko Card Count: 19/23 (84.6%)

The other half of the order was supposed to finish the Peterek collection.  As you can guess by my tone, it didn't. I'll show why.

1990 ProCards AAA #648. Easy pickup here. Needed it, got it.

1990 ProCards #623. Another easy one. Needed it, got it, plus the extra Chuck McGrath card. Not sure if this was included accidentally or as a bonus, but I'm trying to track down McGrath to get this signed for the hell of it. Last I know he was a football coach at Dartmouth but doesn't appear to be there any longer.

Finally, picked up this card. There are two cards that have this same front; the 1990 CMC #26 with a yellow back, and the 1990 CMC Denver Zephyrs #1 with a green back. I need the green back. At this point, I'm sure you can guess what I got.

Yup; another yellow back. This makes about 73 in my collection. Okay, not that many. But I really don't need any more. I've got a question to another seller on SportLots asking if they have the green back, so hopefully I can sort this out.

Jeff Peterek Card Count: 15/16 (93.8%)

So close to finishing it! Hopefully by the end of the month.

So that's how my first SportsLot order finished up. Hopefully the other card I'm missing shows up, but otherwise I'll call it good for now.

Stay warm and safe out there, and as always, thanks for reading!


Sunday, December 31, 2017

Post #80 - 2017 In Review/2018 Goals

2017 was an interesting year in the hobby for me. I started this blog, began revamping my collection, and met some really great people through here and the Trading Card Database. At the beginning of 2017 I set a few goals for myself (well, two really). Let's see how I did?

Goal 1: Complete my Jeff Peterek player collection (16 cards).
How I did: A+! With a SportsLots order that I placed just before leaving for the holidays, I should have this done. The cards are waiting for me in my mailbox when I return on the 7th, and barring a mixup with a 1990 CMC green/yellow back (I'll explain when I get the cards), I will have all 16 cards and be done.

Goal 2: Complete my Ralf Mojsiejenko player collection (23 cards).
How I did: Giving myself a B on this one. In that same SportsLots order, I picked up three more Mojsiejenko cards, moving myself to 20 of the 23. I'm still missing the 1989 Panini UK Stickers, 1990 FACT Pro Set Cincinnati, and one other sticker from the 1980s, which aren't super easy to find, so I'm not mad that I didn't finish it, but I could have paid more attention as the year went on. I spent most of the year focusing on my Peterek collection though.

So all in all, a productive 2017, as I continued to add to my autographs, began some sets, and kept building my player collections. So, without further ado, let's take a look at what I want to accomplish in 2018.

I essentially broke these goals down into different levels for each.

Player Collections

Ralf Mojsiejenko: Finish player collection (3 cards to go)

Matt Mantei: Get to 100 different cards (82 cards to go)

Joique Bell: Get to 100 different cards (98 cards to go)

Dan LeFevour: Get to 100 different cards (98 cards to go)

Shawn Green: Get to 200 different cards (95 to go) + Add one autograph
I'd like to add two of the same Green autograph cards (one for my PC binder and one for my autograph binder).

Buster Posey: Get to 150 different cards (83 cards to go) + Add one autograph and one memorabilia card.

Derek Jeter: Get to 100 different cards (35 to go) + add a memorabilia card

Joey Votto: Get to 100 different cards (50 to go) + add a memorabilia card

Mickey Mantle: Get to 100 different cards (50 to go) + add a vintage Mantle

Tom Brady: Get to 200 different cards (75 to go)

Team Collections

Reds: Complete, page, and binder all base Topps flagship sets from 1980-2018 (including subsets)

Lumberkings: Complete all team sets from 2010-2018.


1988 Fleer: Complete (35 cards to go)

1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack: Complete (46 to go)

1994 Classic: Complete

2017 Topps Opening Day: Complete

In addition, complete 2016 and 2018 Topps Opening Day to start working on my Opening Day run.


NASCAR: Significantly grow my NASCAR collection, which was given a huge boost by Billy Kingsley, something that I will cover soon. This is a new venture for me as I'm looking forward to getting back in watching NASCAR and collecting it for the first time.

Wallet Card: I would like to start a wallet card. I believe that this is something pretty self-explanatory. A card that one keeps in his or her wallet and takes a picture of at cool landmarks. I have a few that I want to hit on the way back from California (details in a later post) so if anyone could shed some extra light on any details of a wallet card, I would appreciate it!

I think that about covers it for 2017/2018 for me. Everyone, please be safe and careful tonight. Call a cab, Uber, or a DD to get home tonight. It isn't worth it. Other than that, have a great New Year, and as always, thanks for reading!


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Post #79 - A Season of Giving Wrap-up

And today brings to a close the 25 Days of Giving. I had a lot of fun doing this, and it was really cool to meet and know some new collectors. I truly wish everyone could have won something. We have one more randomization to go today, and then it's on to the process of getting things sealed up and mailed out. May not get everything today, but hopefully I can get most of them. I left my address book in Missouri, so I may also need a few addresses, but will be reaching out if I do.

Without further ado, we had two last autograph cards to give away...

There were 8 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. CaptKirk42
  2. John Sharp
  3. The Lost Collector
  4. Brett Alan
  5. Kin
  6. Wrigley Roster Jenga
  7. Cooler Brian
  8. IfbBirdsCards
Timestamp: 2017-12-26 16:12:26 UTC
You have randomized this list 25 times.

Congratulations to CaptKirk42 for winning the first spot. His choice was the Lansing, so Ian will end up with the Rusch instead.

A few notes as we wrap this up:

1) Thank you for all of the kind comments. I did a really bad job at responding to them, but I would like to offer a collective "you're welcome" to all of the thank-you comments we had. Again, I really had fun with this, and I'm glad it worked smoothly. Additionally, I'd like to offer a collective "thank you" to all who participated, whether it was once, twice, or all 25 days.

2) I'm going to be taking a brief hiatus from posting. As much fun as this was, it isn't easy getting a post up every day, and can actually take a lot out of you. Luckily I didn't lose my excitement for blogging, but even Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown has said the same thing: so many posts around the holidays can take a toll. I'll be getting something up around New Years with my 2018 collecting goals, but expect some quiet time these next few days.

3) I'm linking a Google Doc with all of our winners here. If you check it immediately it may not be updated (I fell behind and need to do some catching up). But it can serve as a reference point, and I'll dig it out again next year when I get ready to do this again.

Again, thanks for participating, thanks for reading, and I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and it rolls right into a Happy New Year (additionally, happy Boxing Day to our Canadian friends!)


Monday, December 25, 2017

Post #78 - A Season of Giving, Day 25

Alright, one last day. Let's get it started with taking a quick look at yesterday's winners!

There were 8 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Kin
  2. Sports Card Collectors
  3. IfbBirdsCards
  4. The Lost Collector
  5. Brett Alan
  6. Cooler Brian
  7. John Sharp
  8. Wrigley Roster Jenga
Timestamp: 2017-12-25 15:44:33 UTC
You have randomized this list 24 times.

Kin wins another one and claims the 1988 Topps Duncan. Wrigley Roster Jenga takes home the bottom spot and requested the Jeff Reed card. Congratulations to both!

Moving on to today, let's go ahead and give away the last two of the original six autograph cards.

Glendon Rusch and Mike Lansing are the last two left today, so leave me a comment telling me which one you want if you win! 

On a serious note, Merry Christmas to all of you. I appreciate all of you readers, and enjoy your day today. As always, thanks for reading, and I hope Santa leaves cards for all of you.


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Post #77 - A Season of Giving, Day 24

Alright, another quick one today because of the holidays, so let's jump right into it and see who wins the two autograph cards from yesterday.

There were 8 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Kin
  2. Trevor P
  3. John Sharp
  4. IfbBirdsCards
  5. Sports Card Collectors
  6. Jafronius
  7. The Lost Collector
  8. Cooler Brian
Timestamp: 2017-12-24 15:21:18 UTC
You have randomized this list 23 times.

Kin and Brian with another couple of wins. Kin wanted the Drabek, and Brian the Gonzo, so they both get their wish! Thanks to all who entered, and let's do it again today!

Same graphic with a couple of X's. Top spot gets their first choice of Duncan, Reed, Rusch, or Lansing. I know these aren't glamorous but thanks to my own goofs, this is all we have for the giveaways left. I can try and scrounge something up for tomorrow but definitely no guarantees. Also, tomorrow's post will go up a little late due to the holiday, but I'll have it up there. 

As always, thanks for reading, be safe and careful on the roads, and if you start celebrating tonight, have fun!


Saturday, December 23, 2017

Post #76 - A Season of Giving, Day 23

Little late getting this post up today, but that happens. Anyway, remember how I said that I needed to get some scans up before leaving Missouri for two weeks? That didn't happen. I also forgot my trade box (although I did grab the cards that we've already given away, so I have those). That being said, these last three days won't be amazing giveaways, but we've got six more extra autographs to go these days.

That being said, six more winners in three days. I'm going to put up six autograph cards today, and the first and last name on the randomizer tomorrow gets their pick. The remaining four will go to the 24th, and the final two will be randomized on Christmas Day.

First though, let's deal with the Wagner and Campanella from yesterday!

There were 10 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Kin
  2. sandyrusty
  3. Brett Alan
  4. John Sharp
  5. IfbBirdsCards
  6. TSHenson
  7. Cooler Brian
  8. Jafronius
  9. CaptKirk42
  10. Jeff S.
Timestamp: 2017-12-23 16:30:59 UTC
You have randomized this list 22 times.

Kin wins the top spot, and Jeff S. takes home the bottom. Luckily for both of them, Kin wanted the Wagner while Jeff wanted the Campy, so they're both happy!

Actually a little mad at myself for not scanning these cards in before leaving Missouri. My phone takes terrible pictures. Moving past that, I know that cards such as these aren't as big of a draw, but we are dealing with limited cards at the moment (although I may be able to dig something up for the next two, we will see). We're giving away two of these cards tomorrow. In case you can't read names, the left column from top to bottom is Mariano Duncan, Luis Gonzalez, and Jeff Reed. Right column is Doug Drabek, Glendon Rusch, and Mike Lansing.

All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me which signature you prefer. If the two winners both select the same one, I will contact the bottom spot and figure out a replacement within 24 hours. The remaining four cards will go up tomorrow. 

I think that makes sense; if not, let me know and I'll try and explain further. As always, thanks for reading, have a restful Saturday, and Go Army, Beat SDSU!